Martin Hilsden

Martin trained in the world renowned firm of W.E.Hill and Sons in the late 60’s and early 70’s producing fine Instruments of the Violin family from his workshop in the beautiful hills of Mid Wales and over the past 35 years since becoming an independent maker and repairer, he has become recognised as a Maker of distinction, whilst also continuing the repair and restoration of quality Instruments for musicians throughout the U.K and abroad.

In 1969 he began his career in the workshops of W E Hill and sons, at their workshops in Hanwell in West London where over some 5 years he learnt his craft and in time working on fine old Italian and French Instruments, with all manner of restoration and repairs, whilst also the making of new Instruments, Viola’s in particular in which Hills had recently restarted making, having ceased since before the 2nd world war.
After some 5 years he move to Ealing Strings carrying on the repair and restoration side of the work before deciding to set up as an Independent Maker and Repairer in 1976.

Since then over the succeeding years he has made a reputation for himself for the Quality and Professionism of his work both as a maker and a repairer. Martin’s Instruments are available for approval and trial and he may be contacted via his website either for this or enquires regarding repairs and his email address.

All Instruments in the gallery are made my myself and are not originals.


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